Welcome to my website and blog. Here you will find details of my work and a blog which, so far, is still concerned with our exploits on the grain barge Glevum.

I’m afraid my blog stalled nearly a year ago as more and more paintings were commissioned. This year, I had partially cleared the painting backlog when, in the summer I suffered a series of strokes. They have affected my eyesight and I am now partially blind. I hope that my sight will eventually return to normal. Meanwhile, as I can’t paint, I am resuming the blog.

Thank you to everyone who has encourage me to continue with it, Part Twenty should appear in the next day or two.



3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Vincent, I’m loving this, you really should write a book. Looking forward to seeing you both again in August and collecting another treasure. All the best, Cora.l

  2. Very sorry to hear that you have been ill, glad that you are writing again.

    we realise how difficult it must be for you having visual problems after all the fine work you have done,

    Forget us and varnishing the painting until you really feel like doing it.

    Keep smiling Valerie and Ralph (volendam)

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