It’s all about painting.

My Glevum blog has temporarily stalled. The organised frame of mind needed to continue with it, is a rare occurrence since my strokes.


So in order to keep the blog alive, I have decided to write about painting. It may help to get me into the flow of things and revive the Glevum project.

So much of what is written about art, is written by people who only study it academically, and an awful lot of it is total rubbish.

Nothing illustrates this better than a passage written in a book on marine art I got from the library, years ago. Now I always thought that marine art was a safe haven from the psuedo intellectual claptrap that dominates so much art, but this was to prove me wrong.

The last illustration in the book was Ian Hamilton Finlay’s “Homage to Modern Art”

Homage to Modern Art [collaboration with Jim Nicholson] 1972 by Ian Hamilton Finlay 1925-2006

Homage to Modern Art [collaboration with Jim Nicholson] 1972 Ian Hamilton Finlay 1925-2006 Purchased 1974

This was accompanied by a prosaic article which claimed the real meaning of the work was explained by the triangles on the topsail which had been cleverly put there as as an allusion to the Bauhaus and Hard Edged Abstract Expressionist Movements.

Something was ringing alarm bells in my head!

I went to my bookshelf and took down my copy of ” Wonders of the Modern Shipping World”(1936)

Sure enough, on one of the pages was this photograph.

Homage to Bullshit

So, the real reason the triangle was there, was because it was on the photograph he copied!

I rest my case.